Mandy's Testimonial

When I was 30 years old I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. I was terrified. I had no insurance, had to quit my job, sell my car, and move in with my parents. After two partial mastectomies, a full mastectomy and fertility treatments, I was broke. Both financially and emotionally; and I had yet to even start chemo and radiation. A mutual friend of mine and Dusty's referred me to The 2nd Baseman. Through this amazing organization, I finally was able to feel hope again. They helped me pay for some of my enormous medication bills, bought me groceries, paid for gas to get to my almost daily hospital visits; but the gift of the many resources and friends I received because of Dusty and this charity was life altering. This group does not send you money and walk away. They welcome you into, what I can only describe as, their family. They have been as important for my recovery as the Doctors and surgeries and meds. I will be forever grateful for their gifts of love, hope and friendship.