Dawn's Testimonial

Hey Dusty,

I still can't find the words to express how eternally grateful I will forever be to you and the 2nd Basemen.  It is coming up on a year since I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lobular Breast Cancer.  A year later and this is still surreal to me.  I hear myself say things like, "My oncologist...." and feel like,  "Did I honestly just say that?"

At the time you found me, through a friend of mine, I could barely lift my head off the pillow.  I went from working all the time to having no income.  I was the person that was always taking up some cause or another, always trying my best to help others when I could.  I am not (even still) the person that can ask for help.  No matter how desperate of a situation I have faced (and there have been many) the words "Can you help me?" for whatever reason, I am unable to speak.  I truly believe you were placed in my life when my Angels knew this situation was more than I could handle without help. Your gift allowed me to catch my breathe and care for my daughters when I honestly could not.  I often tell people that my family and friends all got cancer the same day that I did. I'm sure they would agree.  Your gift gave me back my dignity at a time when I felt stripped of everything that I am.  It didn't cure me or magically fix everything, but it did allow me to stop panicking long enough to pick myself up and fight to get my life back.  It also gave me the incentive to get better so that I could pay your blessing forward.  

We spoke only a few times, and despite your protests I told you I would find a way, when I was up to it, to make it up to you.  I'm sure you thought I was a crazy lady and finally gave up trying to argue with me just to get off the phone. What you don't realize is that it was your gift that made me unable to feel sorry for myself and get caught up in all the craziness that cancer brings with it.  I had to find a way to be "myself" again.  I needed to pay this forward.  I knew that until I was "normal" (Boy is that an abuse of that word) nothing or no one around me would be "normal" ever again.  For a time I admit, I faked it till I made it.  There are still bad days and moments of sadness, but they are the exception to the rule.

Your single act of kindness was my turning point.  It was the first step on my road to being me!  I am thankful for this cross to bear.  It has given me far more than it has taken,  I appreciate every day that I am given.   It has brought wonderful people into my life (you being one) and made me appreciate those that have walked along with me through this crazy life of mine for years!  The only regret I will ever have is that I may not have as much time as I would have liked.  When I think of it, eternity isn't long enough to spend with those you love, so I'm in the same boat with everyone else!  In the meantime I will continue to laugh too loud and dance whenever and wherever I feel like it!  I will also continue to find ways to support you and the 2nd Basemen until there is no longer a need for this type of organization.  Between you and me it would be nice to play BINGO just because it's fun!

You can feel free to use my words, my picture or my spirit any way you see fit in support of your cause.