From Dusty Showers:

I am a man on mission. I am the guy who dons a pink bra and cowboy hat to stand out and stand up for a cause dear to our hearts…and with attention-getting persona, I have participated in events across the country all in the name of raising funds to support, and directly enrich, the lives of women diagnosed with breast cancer. It is my goal to have my charity reach out and touch the individual lives of these women by helping them pay for things like food, clothing, rent, utilities, child care, transportation and medical bills.

Passion for a cause comes in all forms. Your inner voice may tell you that you want to help;  you're busy and wish you could do something, but aren't quite sure how to step up. That's why The 2nd Basemen, Inc., stands tall representing so many of us who wish they had the time or resources to make a difference, but can't do it alone.  

The number of women who apply to us for help is growing daily. There are very few Charities that address this specific need.  Our charity is about the individual, not the disease.   Please help us provide for these families, who are in dire need, and who are suffering in a very dark place. Imagine how much hope and light we can bring to breast cancer survivors across florida and the nation!

Please consider a one time, or ongoing monthly gift, to help us make these breast cancer patients feel more secure during their time of treatment and beyond.

You time is also valuable to The 2nd Basemen.  If you are able to donate your time for fundraising or at events, please see our volunteer sign up form on the right side of this page!